Caswell Beach

Caswell Beach consists of an assortment of summer homes as well as year round residences. The town is named after Fort Caswell which was built by the US Army in 1862 on the eastern end of the island to defend the mouth of the Cape Fear River. Fort Caswell is owned by the N.C. Baptist Assembly.

Caswell Beach

Vacation Planning and Coastal Living in Caswell Beach.

Caswell Beach is the home of the Oak Island Light House, literally a landmark along the East Coast. It is the brightest lighthouse in the USA and the second brightest in the world!

The quiet and quaint town of Caswell Beach appeals to families looking for a unique, quiet and peaceful vacation to simply enjoy loved ones and make memories. Named after nearby Fort Caswell, the area boast of a storied history nearly as rich as the sands. Visit the historic civil war fort, seized by the Confederate troops at the end of the 19th century and enjoy a fun day of exploring some of the Nation’s history. Caswell Beach is also home to the brightest lighthouse in the United States and second brightest in the world, housed close by the Coast Guard station. Ships can see the lighthouse even when they’re nearly 24 miles offshore.

In 1825 the government commissioned Fort Caswell to be built, bringing people into the area. Located at the end of Caswell Beach at the mouth of the Cape Fear River, Fort Caswell was regarded as one of the strongest forts in the world in 1825 when built. The residents of the fort were some of the first permanent settlers on the island when it was still connected to the mainland by marshlands. Fort Caswell was built mainly to discourage pirates like Blackbeard, who made Southport and Bald Head Island their haven. Due to the fact that local ships were being pirated as they navigated the river to travel to Fayetteville, Congress authorized the construction of Fort Caswell to strengthen the area’s defenses.

No matter the season, there’s always something fun to enjoy. Caswell Beach’s Chuckwagon Grub and Beach Bonfire allow visitors to enjoy a bright bonfire on the beach at night. You’ll also hear tales from the area’s history, enjoy delicious “grub” and explore a real chuckwagon. For more local grub, try Cape Fear Restaurant & Lounge, where you can enjoy appetizing and fresh seafood meals with a view of the sea. For the avid golfer, enjoy 18 beautiful holes at the Oak Island Golf Club and experience what true relaxation is about. You will find everything you need for a perfect vacation on the shores of Caswell Beach.